Learn How to Incorporate the Comforts of Home into Your Company Boardroom 

There’s been a design trend over the last few decades to make commercial spaces feel more like home, reminding employees of the welcoming and design-centric comforts that await them at the end of the workday while they spend 40+ hours per week in a work building. Offices no longer need to be stark fluorescent rooms with bulky black speakers and TV displays. 

We’ve been proudly serving the “Resimerical” market for years, and we’re here to tell you that you can craft an ambiance reminiscent of home into your conference room design. By using a combination of hidden technologies, human-centric Ketra lighting and seamless boardroom technology integration, we can blend technology into your New York City boardroom and common staff areas. Managers can remove the frustrating juggle of wires and dongles while creating an aesthetically pleasing design for your employees to thrive in while at work.  

Read on below to learn how you can achieve a work-from-home feel while in the boardroom! 

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See, Hear, Speak 

Video conferencing is an integral component of workplace collaboration, especially now with both in-office and remote workers working synchronously on projects or making presentations to global stakeholders. Seeing who you’re working with, and picking up on nonverbal communication cues, is something that a traditional voice-only conference call doesn’t allow. Seeing, hearing, and speaking to your colleagues with impeccable audio and visual quality is a must in the modern conference room. 

The talented Cloud9 Smart design engineers work with an expansive catalog of high-performance conferencing solutions. For example, with Polycom ceiling microphones, every word of a presentation is picked up in 360 degrees without taking up valuable space on the conference work surface. Unlike a traditional star phone on the table, you won’t hear the page turners and the pencil tappers. To give your conference room a homey vibe, ceiling microphones can be installed on retractable lifts, so that they disappear when the conference equipment is not being used. 

Televisions are another category that can benefit from a hidden design approach. Custom-crafted video displays encased in the Edge Media Frame from Media Décor add a contemporary feel while hiding the unsightly portions of the video installation. Lift systems can also be installed to hide the TV with artwork, in the ceiling, or behind fashionable wood paneling. And if you want to keep it simple, using digital signage to display your branded artwork on just about any TV can greatly improve the look and feel of a room.  

There’s a bunch of flavors in the speaker category, too. When we hear the word “commercial” to describe a speaker for an office, generally that means aesthetics were not a high priority. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Nearly invisible small aperture speakers from James Loudspeaker mount in-ceiling and in-wall with a low-profile grille and stunning sound. Plus, they match the size and shape of your downlights, making for a seamless, symmetrical ceiling layout.  

And speaking of downlights, you don’t need to do fluorescent linear lighting just because it’s an office. Using tunable lighting fixtures, like the ones from Ketra, can give you the bright white light that you need for an office presentation, as well as the warmer light you are accustomed to at home.  

Looks Matter 

Whether you’ve grown accustomed to occasional or full-time remote work over the last year or not, it’s important to bring that same sense of ease to the workplace. The days of the sterile corporate office are coming to a close, and in its place will be offices that people want to be in, with the technology, interior design, and luxury finishes that would be expected in high-end homes.  

We’ve seen hundreds of different conference room designs. From Zoom Rooms to full-blown divisible conference rooms, we have many BYOD and room-based system design options for NYC businesses – connect with us now to start a conversation about upgrading your conference room design today!