IMG_8110There’s been something in the air in the audio community. In 2001 the iPod brought access – to more,  from anywhere – and that familiar fever to collect as much as possible took hold for a decade. Once streaming subscriptions topped off our collections with an extra 4 million or so songs we thought, “Oh, okay. Guess I have… everything.”

Then you hear a piece of vinyl or a lossless file through a high end speaker and remember, “Oh yeah… quality.” The cultural pendulum has been swinging back to quality, and the strongest example just opened its doors at 214 Lafayette.

The World of McIntosh Townhouse is staggering. It’s as much about lifestyle as it is about product (WOM consists of Sonus faber, Pryma, Sumiko, Audio Research, Wadia, and the titular McIntosh of Woodstock fame.) What used to be used as a power substation for the MTA has been reinvented as a five-story immersion of sound and culture. These high 2015.10.14_HSPR_Mcintosh_0045performance and visually striking brands live throughout the impeccably designed townhouse, giving visitors a more visceral understanding of what it’s like to live with audiophile-level sound in the home… A home that adorns it’s pool room walls with Keith Haring originals, and pairs its party fare with curated playlists by Mike D of the Beastie Boys. Microsoft and Google have already booked future events at the chic experience center.

Artist Max Protetch saw the space in the 80s as a harmony between gallery and warehouse. World of McIntosh’s harmony falls between sensation and space – the warmth of home and the wave of impact. Cloud9 Smarthome had the pleasure of collaborating with WOM’s vision, merging their speakers, amps and media with an array of other technology throughout the space. Knowing the need for control to be fluid, powerful and easy we put the Townhouse on the Savant automation platform. Lutron shades, 2015.10.14_HSPR_Mcintosh_0087Sony TVs and exquisite sound can be controlled from a single app on the numerous iPads throughout. The boardroom utilizes Polycom and Logitech for conferencing, and Click Share to allow any device to take over the big screen. The theater room showcases PRIMA Cinema, which can play films during their theatrical run. The theater room also flaunts an Atmos theater system with rock-solid Audioquest cables. The Townhouse hides the technology you don’t want to see, and showcases that which amplifies life and makes art more impactful.

For general inquiries or to schedule a tour, get in touch.

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