Savant Systems, the Apple-based home automation company, has followed an interesting trend in lifestyle shopping. Rather than an office or storefront, Savant built an Experience Center. And it’s absolutely beautiful. At Broadway and Prince in Soho, the Savant Experience Center is a 3,000 sq ft dream home, powered and completely controllable by Savant’s remote controls, found in walls and on tables in every room. Its free to visit with an appointment, and has got to be one of the most enjoyable ways of determining whether a brand is right for you.


You enter into a sprawling (at least for NYC) kitchen and living room. Like everything else, the kitchen is fully-functioning. The living room contains a grand piano, plenty of natural light, and stacks of McIntosh gear that the audiophiles can salivate over (and if you’re not an audiophile, the sound will make you want to become one.) As you keep walking around you realize that the whole home is an extension of how home automation itself is supposed to feel: Powerful, easy, and out of the way. And isn’t that sort of tangible experience far more powerful than any sales pitch? Kudos to Savant for letting their products speak for themselves in an immersive and memorable way.

savant nycEvery room is tastefully designed by the award-winning Thom Filicia Inc., except for the theater room (by TK Theaters) and the kitchen (by Dalia Kitchen Design.) A high standard for quality and aesthetics lands technology partners like Sharp, Bay Audio, and Lutron throughout. The lighting by Lutron is worth a note. There are so many colors, shades, and types of light in the kitchen-living room alone, that the control over the atmosphere is truly impressive. Of course there are “scenes” that can change the whole room with a single button, but with Savant’s TrueImage iPad app you can actually look at a picture of the room you are in, touch lighting fixtures, and watch them change instantly in front of you.

There’s also a bar area, which showcases Savant’s capabilities in a hospitality setting. Their SmartView Video Tiling technology lets you throw up any video source on any of the 8 surrounding TVs, and overlay little scrolling personalized messages. You can combine multiple TVs into one big image, or split one TV into up to 9 different sources.

For anyone interested in home automation, we strongly recommend checking out the Savant Showroom. To check out the Experience Center, give us a call to schedule an appointment.