What is a wireless network?

Many might ask. In simple terms, a wireless network provides the opportunity for devices such as laptops and even smartphones to access the Internet or an Intranet through the usage of radio waves. Let me distinguish these two terms first. The Internet is a network of networks. This is to say, everyone in the Internet is connected to each other one way or another. As far as Intranets go, Intranets are more secure in the sense that they are private and are used by specific group of people such as employees of a company. You have to keep one thing in mind: there is no wireless network that will ever be hacker proof. However, there are certain measures we can take in order to make wireless networks secure.

Anyone driving by your home can easily park and scan for wireless networks in the vicinity with a laptop. If your wireless network happens to be unsecured, that person can easily have access to your network and thus can have access to confidential information such as shared folders. This is why it is important to implement the proper measures in order to secure your wireless network.

Wireless routers come with a default password. Therefore, if your network does not have an authentication key to connect to the network, anyone can simply connect to the wireless network and access the router settings. So, one thing you must do is change the default password of the router and implement an authentication key. By implementing one of the common techniques such as a WEP or a WPA key into the wireless network, your network will indeed be much more secure.

Your router acts like a firewall, but extra security such as software can go a long way. There is a lot of free software that one can download that can greatly help keep computer systems and mobile devices safe. By downloading the free AVG anti-virus software version, for example, it can keep your computer or your mobile device in a much secure state when surfing the Internet.

This is why security measures must be taken in order to have a healthy home wireless network. Remember, these are just a few things to follow and it is up to you to be knowledgeable about all of the network security measures!

Stay safe.