Last week we got our hands on the brand new Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series, and have not been this thrilled over innovation in the audio space for a long time…

The first real competitor to the Sonos platform, The Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series wins in some key areas:


The material sciences behind Bowers & Wilkins’ noise reduction, combined with a higher fidelity streaming rate and superior digital-to-analog conversion, create the cleanest and clearest sound we’ve ever heard in a wireless speaker.


With more antennas and Bowers & Wilkins’ own proprietary mesh network, the delay between speakers is down to an indistinguishable one microsecond. Stereo imaging sounds flawlessly accurate, while multiple rooms can be linked without feeling that one room is slightly behind the other (a common complaint with Sonos.)


The Formation Duo and Bass look and feel like pieces of fine furniture on display. The shape and patterns in the Bar and Wedge make them stand out boldly. These speakers are recognizably Bowers & Wilkins, but the design swings they took here give a very unique, ultra-modern aesthetic.