Our Process

Smart Design


Designing a smarthome with broad strokes and troubleshooting later leads to costly change orders, delays, glitches and excuses. That’s why our process puts design front and center. Our Smart Design allows us to collaborate with you on your dream home in depth, then bridge that dream to technical reality. We accomplish this via many deliverables.

Sample Packet

If you’ve reached us by referral and know you want to work with us, this is how we get started. If you’re earlier in the selection process, our designs provide the bid-leveling documents you’ll need to decide whether you want to. The truth is a 3,000 square foot apartment can be automated for $50K or $150K. With extensive experience in all 3 major control systems (Control4, Savant and Crestron) and far-reaching knowledge of alternatives, we apply an obsessive approach and multiple revisions until we find the right solution and price for you.

The resulting design is brand agnostic, future-proofed and ready for you to bid out. Whether you choose us to continue running your project through implementation or not, the Smart Design generates the documents needed to accelerate overlapping components for your project, like cabling diagrams for your GC and electrician.

Once a Smart Design is approved we immediately become your consultants, and are available to field all AV-related questions while we begin designing your system.

savant app
smarthome design
Our first goal is to uncover how you want your technology to feel. We also discuss timeline goals & uncover potential hurdles.
nyc experience center tours
Next we take you to the myriad smarthome experience centers for more inspiration and hands-on demos.
vetting and choosing tech brands
Together we make your first round of brand and component choices; placeholders that will evolve through the process.
design for your smart home
Finally we merge your vision with our creativity and the realities of your space, into your first system design. Analyze & repeat.


After coordinating with all relevant parties, we deliver and install with minimal disruption. You’re trained on your new system, and we remain close by in Union Square.