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Start 2021 with Efficient, Energy-Saving Lighting

Lighting control and new lighting fixtures can be one of the most convenient and energy-saving solutions you can bring into your existing home. Even when there’s nothing seemingly wrong with the lighting in your home, upgrading your existing lighting features and lamps can bring massive lifestyle improvements to the space you love and massive savings on your electric bill.

Swapping dimmers and keypads to improve your lighting experience is one of the most requested upgrades for smart home features among homeowners living in their homes already. In this blog, we’ll uncover exactly what a lighting retrofit is and share a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you upgrade your lighting system.

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What is a Lighting Retrofit?

It may sound complicated, but a lighting retrofit is simply making an upgrade to your existing light dimmers, keypads, fixtures or lamps to improve the quality of your lighting, make your lighting smarter, and/or to increase energy efficiency. Many homeowners worry about the cost of upgrading, but the energy savings they experience over time often offsets the cost, and you get the added benefit of improving light levels and having time saving lighting programming at your fingertips.

What are the Benefits of a Lighting Control Retrofit?

We’ve already briefly mentioned increasing energy efficiency, but let’s dive a little deeper as lighting control can help you curb wasted energy and effort in various ways. Adding a system like Lutron Radio RA2 or HomeWorks QSX gives you precise dimming control and enables you only to use as much illumination as you need. Also, setting “scenes” makes it easy to recall the perfect light levels in a room, and also set a schedule for certain fixtures in your home.

Another benefit of lighting control that can’t be ignored is increased home security. Did you know that a well-lit home is more likely to deter intruders? Leaving the lights on while you’re at work or away on a trip can waste more energy than you need to and can also make it evident that your home is left unoccupied. Your sprawling estate in Greenwich, CT will look more lived in with a lighting control system that can turn your lights on and off in natural patterns, making it appear as if you are home.

We can’t forget to mention the sheer convenience of lighting control. One of our favorite programming buttons is the “Home” button by the front door, which turns on all the lighting in the common areas to the perfect settings. We also frequently program a “Goodnight” button by the bedside, which ramps down all the lights in the entire home (except the guest rooms). You’ll be able to check on the status of a room to see if you remembered to turn the light off right from your smartphone—you can even turn them on and off remotely!

Lighting control upgrades don’t just happen at the dimmer or the keypad. We also now have lighting fixture replacements, like Ketra, which can replace existing incandescent and halogen downlights with a luxury LED fixture that is smart, completely tunable and dynamic. This is beyond just dimming. Instead, a tunable white light fixture can give you the perfect color temperature to match the time of day or the mood you are going for. Tunable white light fixtures are the future of lighting. If you’re ready to upgrade the lighting on your property, Cloud9 Smart is here to help. Contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule some time with one of our engineers. We look forward to sharing how we can change the way you experience light in your home.