Lighting was key to this elegant home.

Tucked away on the edge of Bay Ridge, the owners of this artfully decorated family home felt lighting was key to the enjoyment of their space. They wanted automated shades in the living room, kitchen and guest room. To reduce wall clutter we used the same Lutron Palladiom keypad for a room’s lighting and shading. Using the fewest amount of buttons possible the owners are able to adjust the shades and call up the meticulously tweaked lighting levels.

To enjoy poolside movie nights on their patio we installed a Seura TV, impervious to all weather conditions and with the ability to adjust its luminosity based on time of day.

To cure remote control fatigue we put their entire home on the Control4 platform, allowing for the same simple and tactile remote control to sit in every room. The idea was to keep the control of movies and music through the home as intuitive as possible.