Cloud9 Smart Ranked #36

The Cloud9 team does it again this time, ranking #36 in the CE Pro Top 100. These accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without the hard work each team member displays daily. Great job C9! Find the article here.

Being A Pro

Our COO Chris Smith explores the question “What qualities would someone have to have for you to consider them a professional, or pro, in our industry?” Read now on Connected Design.

Brick & Wonder Feature

Our COO Chris Smith explains the Net Promoter Score (NPS). How we collect the client feedback, how we utilize the data we receive, & why we use NPS. Find the article on Brick & Wonder.

Samsung: 15 Minutes With…

Cloud9 Smart is one of the premium technology design firms in New York City, with a long history in both the commercial and residential sectors. Their prolific team is dedicated to perfection and incorporate unique processes for fulfilling client expectations.

We sat down with Chris Smith, Chief Operating Officer for Cloud9 Smart to discuss the company’s philosophy and vision as it relates to their design ethos. We discussed the value proposition for specifying Samsung products and zeroed in on how they position the Frame TV as it relates to the design community.

Samsung Connections: Chris, thanks for talking with us and sharing some of your experiences partnering with Samsung. Before we dive into our discussion, can you give our readers some background on Cloud9 Smart and how your team has built such a powerhouse technology design firm.

Chris Smith: Thanks for including Cloud9 Smart in your initiative and taking the time to interview me! Our history dates back to 2001 when we began as a cable company for small to medium size businesses doing cabling infrastructure. We specialized in analogue telecom for voice, and then data. Our natural progression led us into the digital world, with the advent of voice-over-IP and the general move away from analogue infrastructure. With advances in telecom we migrated to conference room technologies and computer networking, including remote system management services.

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DEALERSCOPE Features Our 2019 Lighting Summit

Nancy Klosek discusses the 2019 Lighting Summit where we were able to team up with the leading producers in smart lighting to create intriguing courses and an overall successful event. Shout out to our Architect Specialist Michael Dye for leading the event! Read now on DEALERSCOPE