DEALERSCOPE Features Our 2019 Lighting Summit

Nancy Klosek discusses the 2019 Lighting Summit where we were able to team up with the leading producers in smart lighting to create intriguing courses and an overall successful event. Shout out to our Architect Specialist Michael Dye for leading the event! Read now on DEALERSCOPE

Residential Tech Today Feature

Our Architect Specialist Michael Dye discusses education and execution of various technologies in order to achieve a beautiful, functional, and durable design. Worth a look. Subscribe for the recent issue of Residential Tech Today.

Connected Design Features NYC’s Savant Experience Center

Nancy Klosek writes about her first impressions of the Savant Experience Center opening 10 years ago and the experience today. Savant continues to impress by blending technology and design seamlessly. Our Architect Specialist Michael Dye even made a brief appearance in the article during a tour! Read now on Connect Design.

Into The Light

Our COO Chris Smith was given the opportunity to write about the constantly evolving world of residential lighting. We cover technologies and design center experiences from companies (and great partners!) like Lutron Electronics, Ketra, USAI Lighting, LumaStream, Inc., and Coastal Source. The options for the design community have never been better – or more impressive!

Disrupting the Cycle

Our Architect Specialist Michael Dye lays out the circumstances (and frustration) that led to us completely changing our approach to Architect relationships. Read now on Connected Design.

Companies to Watch in 2019

We are thrilled to be named one of the “Companies to Watch in 2019” by Residential Systems for their December 2018 issue. To be the only integrator on a list with leaders in tech like Lutron, Middle Atlantic, Control4, Azione Unlimited and Access Networks is a huge honor. Thank you, Residential Systems!

Connected Design Feature

We sat down with the editors of Connected Design to discuss our work with architects, our focus on design first, and our annual AIA CEU Summit.

Innovator Profile: Residential Tech Today

Our COO Chris Smith walked Residential Systems Today through our approach to earning Architect partnerships, keeping A players, and avoiding parking tickets in New York City.