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CollaborativeIn our interaction with clients, trades and each other we focus on the collective goal.

MeticulousOur obsession over performance fuels a higher attention to detail in everything we do.

CommittedWe view projects as missions, and see them through with dedication to a stand-out customer experience.

LeadingWith continual vetting and adoption of new technologies, we are the bridge between the bleeding edge and everyday life.

EfficientOur constant refinement of our methods lets us demystify the most complex of projects.

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Explained: LED Lighting

Explained: LED Lighting

When we sat down with lighting expert Gary Gordon, he pointed out 3 common issues in homes and offices: 1. The wrong quantity of light. 2. The space is over-fixtured. 3. There is too much glare. Here are some important concepts to be aware of before designing your...

Explained: Phone Systems

Explained: Phone Systems

The two main phone system categories in 2018 are: Traditional: A phone system that physically hangs on your wall and routes calls to your desk (usually over traditional copper wires.) Hosted: A system hosted online that routes calls to your desk over your internet...

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