60 – 90 Days Out


Project Manager

Assign an internal PM to oversee the entire move. They will need to devote a lot of time and energy to this demanding project. Your PM should schedule a weekly meeting with all parties involved for status updates.

Rules and Limitations

Find out what your new building’s rules and limitations are! For example is union labor required, how late can vendors work, and how late is the freight elevator open? Your building may have rules that affect your move and it’s a good idea to anticipate every scenario before they happen.

Current Voice and Data

Find out who your fax line and phone line carriers are and what your terms of service are and if you own or lease your phone system. Will you keep your phone numbers when you move? Obtain a CSR (Customer Service Record) from your carrier with your account details.

Service in Your New Building

The building’s management can tell you what providers offer service for voice, internet and television. Ask if there are any historical problems with service in the building. Do your research before ordering your circuits, one provider may be better than another.


If construction is involved schedule a kickoff meeting with vendors, architects, general contractors, technology and furniture vendors. Open communication between all parties will help with a smooth transition.

Plans and Layout

In order to run cables and terminate jacks the floor plans and furniture layout will both be needed. Workstations will also need to be planned out.

Connecting Your Circuits

Who is responsible for connecting the building’s main telecommunications closet to the IT/server closet in your office, the carrier or your cabling vendor?



45 Days Out

New Server Room / IT Closet

Determine where the server room and IT closet will be located. Be sure to confirm electrical, cooling and security requirements are met. Be sure the location is centralized enough to avoid cabling distance problems.

HVAC System

What happens to the building cooling systems at night and on the weekends? You may require supplementary cooling for your IT closet.

Cabling Needs

When determining your cabling needs think of how you will grow in the foreseeable future. Consider voice, data, security, AV, and access. Added cabling in the initial project will save you money and time on future projects.

Identify Delays

Determine items that may cause delays due to long lead times. For example carpet, furniture, and lights often need to be installed before any work can be done.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Obtain a sample COI from your new building. You will need to have it on hand when vendors request a copy. The building manager should have copies.



30 Days Out


Moving Vendor

Select a moving company, find out if they will move your IT equipment. All IT equipment should be last on and first off the truck. Find out if they bill for time and materials or for a flat fee and decide which best fits your needs.

Port Phone Numbers

Schedule, with your current carrier, your phone numbers to be moved to your new carrier.

Backup Plan

Create a backup plan for the first few weeks in your new space. This is in case your circuits don’t arrive on time. See if employees can work from home and if phone numbers can be forwarded. There are also options for temporary internet services, like Clear.

DNS Records

Ensure you have access to your DNS records, these are needed to point your email to your new location. DNS records are always password protected, and it’s likely the IT person that set up your email last time has them.

Cleaning Day

Determine who is responsible for cleaning the new suite before move-in day.



15 Days Out



Assign and schedule individuals to manage different aspects of the move-in day. Tasks should include directing the movers, setting up PCs, garbage removal, answering calls, and a “go to” individual.

Test Connections

Be sure to place test calls and check the internet connection with a laptop before your move-in date.

Coordinate Schedules

Staggering employee arrivals can help to ensure workspaces are ready when they arrive. Having everyone show up at 9 am can often lead to a lot of waiting around.


Forward your mail, this can be done at your local post office or online at USPS.com.

Address Update

Change your address on your email signatures, business cards, website, promotional material, and letter header.



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