Commercial and Home Offices Rejoice at This New Conferencing Solution! 

A lot has changed over the last year and a half, and New York City businesses have had to adapt tremendously. On the one hand, there’s been the concern for employee safety; on the other, there’s been your company’s evolution and triumph in the face of unprecedented struggles.  

In a recent Gartner survey of human resources leaders, only 1% expect all of their staff to return fully to the office – the rest are adapting to a hybrid or fully remote workforce. In order to successfully adapt to this new way of office collaboration and meetings, we’re excited to see Savant jumping into the fray with their Zoom Room integration.  

Enjoying the comfort and convenience of a smart home is a luxury experience, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could incorporate your favorite automation features into your home office and business, too? Keep reading below to learn why our team at Cloud9 Smart is excited about what Savant Zoom Rooms can bring to NYC workspaces. 

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The Savant Zoom Room Experience 

Step into your home office and start a Zoom call. Your devices communicate with the Zoom Room controller, and anytime a meeting begins or ends, that information is relayed to the Savant Host. Sounds too simple, right? But this is really where the Savant magic happens! 

Your audio/video and smart devices launch automatically for every meeting, initiating programmed smart scenes. There’s no need to look washed out on videoconference calls anymore. Once connected to a Zoom meeting, the room’s lighting will adjust to a bright, warm hue, and shades will rise so you look great on camera with the perfect natural lighting!  

You could even help ease the anxiety of accidentally being unmuted or on-camera when you don’t want to be – LED light strips can turn white when the microphone or camera are active and red when you’re on mute or the camera is off. Once the meeting is over, your room’s device settings will return to their previous state – perhaps you were watching Netflix in the background or were listening to your multi-room audio system.  

What Do I Need? 

So, what’s necessary to add a Savant Zoom Room to your office? Packages are available and feature cameras and microphones from Savant Recommended Partners like Logitech, Huddly, and Beyerdynamic. The IP Audio Soundbar serves as the Savant Host while the Zoom Room Conference Connection and license round out the most basic package offering. 

There’s no need to learn a complicated user interface in order to add a Zoom Room to your New York City home office. The elegant yet straightforward Savant interface is fully customizable on the fly or the Cloud9 Smart team can help you set everything up!  

We’re a Savant Authorized dealer, having completed a rigorous certification program to ensure our clients are more than satisfied with the home automation functions we incorporate into their homes. Connect with us here to get started on a Zoom Room integration or a whole-home automation consultation – we can’t wait to hear from you!