Keep Everything Running Smoothly in Light of the Pandemic

The last year was quite the whirlwind, to say the least. Life as we knew it transformed, setting all New Yorkers, and the world, along a path into uncharted territory. But we’ve found new ways to thrive amidst the “new normal,” notably in the business world.

While we’ve been remote for years, many employers transitioned staff to work from their homes for the first time, and many workers were previously happy to have kept home separate from our work lives. Adjustments were necessary, and many productivity tools were shared, but many homeowners are still looking for ways to adapt to the modern lifestyle of remote work.

Keep reading below to learn how the Cloud9 Smart team can help you improve your Ridgewood, NJ, work-from-home setup with networking solutions, and more.

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Wi-Fi Connection

Many productivity experts suggest designating one area of the home for work. Still, realistically, many people enjoy unplugging from the desk to move their laptop to the couch or outdoor patio at some point during the workday for comfort or simply a change of scenery. Sometimes, you just got to get outside.

You shouldn’t lose efficiency simply because you want to sit in a comfier seat or enjoy some sunlight while you work, and that’s where we can help. Advancements in networking technology, most notably the Wi-Fi 6 standard, have continually broken down the speed divide between wireless and wired connections.

Upgraded routers offer higher data rates, increased security, and better performance in multi-device environments to keep all of your tech connected. Plus, our team of experts can assess your home for potential signal barriers, create wi-fi heat map drawings, then place wireless access points in strategic locations to optimize the wireless signal. Video calls, a barrage of Slack messages, and streaming music on your whole-home audio system simultaneously are all possible without a single buffering symbol in sight, no matter where you decide to work in your home.

You’re in Control

The Cloud9 Smart team makes your home network function for you beyond basic connectivity. Beyond staying connected for work, all of the devices in your smart home will operate at their maximum potential on designated channels. Motorized shades will respond automatically with the tap of a button, tunable LED lighting will shift automatically throughout the day, your home theater will fire up at lighting speed, and your data will be secure from potential cyberhackers. Automatic firmware upgrades keep your router in tip-top shape with the latest features and security updates.

You can even create parental controls and review devices linked to the network to ensure the kids are working on schoolwork when it’s e-learning time instead of watching YouTube and TikTok videos on their smartphone.

Making the shift to primarily staying at home for work and leisure activities has been tough. Let us take away the frustration of spotty home networking so that you can make stellar work presentations on Zoom, then relax afterward with Netflix binging! Connect with our team using this online form or call us today – we can’t wait to hear from you.