Of all the ways to hang, hide and hook up your TV, the one we probably get asked about the most is Mirror TVs.  A cool option for those who want a centrally-located TV but don’t want to look at it all the time, Mirror TVs allow your flat screen to double as a mirror, with the ability to easily switch back and forth.  How do TV Mirrors work? What considerations need to be taken into account when shopping for one? And what’s involved in a TV Mirror installation?

The technology behind Mirror TVs is dielectric glass (a.k.a. smart glass).  With the use of electricity, the physical properties of smart glass can change at the flip of a switch, allowing the glass to go from transparent to opaque.  Building dielectric glass is pretty advanced stuff, so there is variety in type and quality of Mirror TVs.  Lower end smart glass will decrease the brightness of the TV when its turned on, and/or give a weaker reflection when the TV is turned off.  That’s why we recommend that any model you are considering, you visit a showroom to see it in person.

A company called Séura has a great approach to Mirror TV design.  They offer several glass options (bathroom mirror TVs use a different glass to compensate for different lighting.) They also have an extensive frame collection and offer beveling options.  They even have waterproof and outdoor models.

Mounting supports need to be stronger than normal to accommodate the extra weight of the glass.  You also need to ensure the TV is getting proper ventilation so it won’t overheat.  (LCD TVs are usually preferred to plasmas in this regard.)  Finally, a black TV will help aid the reflection better than any other color will when the TV is off.

Mirror TVs aren’t cheap.  You can expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars for a quality installation.  But what you end up with is more than just a party trick.  From an interior design standpoint, large flat screens are often a large obstacle towards an attractive room layout. Hiding your TV in plain sight could be the solution your room needs.

We’re huge fans of Seura for mirror TVS. Here’s why: