IMG_7477We recently installed a McIntosh MA6600 Integrated Amplifier in our conference room, hooked up to two McIntosh XR50 speakers, and the results were pretty outstanding.

The front of the MA6600 has two blue-lit power meters, for each of the two channels, which pack 200 Watts each. McIntosh uses a proprietary circuit called Power Guard that monitors levels and automatically adjusts the input McIntosh MA6600 Diagram Frontlevel if necessary, so you never have to worry about hearing clipping or distortion. The Input knob scrolls through a total of 8 inputs (1 balanced and 7 unbalanced.) It’s all done with electromagnetic circuits so you also never get noise or distortion when switching between sources. Next to the Input is the Trim Select knob. Here you can adjust your bass and treble (up or down 12 decibels each way), the bypass, and balance between the two speakers. There is also a setting to turn the back light off for certain inputs. Adjustments are made with the Trim Adjust knob, and they automatically save for whatever source you’re on. The fourth knob is for volume.

Along the bottom of the front is a headphone jack, an IR sensor for the remote control, and a series of buttons. The Setup and Exit buttons for the setup menu also store settings and switch both speakers to mono sound you want to go really retro. There is also a bypass button with a little light indicator, a mute button, and buttons for turning your outputs on and off. And finally the on and off switch for the amp itself.

McIntosh MA6600 Diagram BackThe back of the amp is mostly inputs and outputs, fairly self-explanatory as everything is labeled. Your balanced input is the XLR in the middle. Above that is for the optional tuner module. Along the bottom, in addition to your source inputs you will see the fuse holder, power controls that send turn-on / turn-off signals for integration with other components, and the IR sensor input for a remote. You also have a connection for a turn table, a preamp if you so desire, and outputs to another amplifier or a recording device.

The performance is pretty unbelievable. Lossless MP3s sound vastly superior through the McIntosh amp and speakers, and vinyl brings an unrivaled warmth to the room. If you live in New York City and are considering the MA6600, stop by our showroom in Union Square and give it a listen.