Add In Convenience and Comfort, And You’ve Got a Luxury Living Experience

Decision-making is an essential skill for New Yorkers. Whether it regards your commute, what to wear for the day, or what to eat for lunch, making decisions is part of our daily lives. And there’s another arena where making decisions is important, too, and that’s in relation to your home.

From custom fixtures to finishes to functionality, making decisions can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have a smart home partner like Cloud9 Smart to guide you along the way. In this blog, we’ll review a few of our favorite lighting control keypad options, covering their main highlights along with why you would – or wouldn’t – want to choose each for your NY property! Keep reading below.

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So, What’s the Point of Lighting Control?

Think about how many lamps and fixtures you have throughout your living spaces. Depending on the size of your home, that number can easily get into triple digits when you consider all of the overhead lights, lamps, task lighting, outdoor spaces and decorative areas you illuminate. Instead of walking to every fixture individually to switch the light on, imagine having the ability to turn several lights on or off in an instant. Or dim them to the perfect setting to match your mood or prepare for a restful evening. A lighting control system gives you that power.

Instead of having traditional banks of light switches that look like a clutter of wall acne, modern lighting systems provide an opportunity to add technology while also incorporating your own unique style preferences. Tactile buttons with custom-etched labels, intuitive finger swipe controls, and a plethora of plate finishes offer a timeless aesthetic to which a smart touchscreen simply cannot compare. This panelized lighting solution is a better fit for NYC luxury spaces.


We’ve written before about the Ketra lighting brand and Lutron, which acquired Ketra in 2018. Lutron offers motorized shades and lighting solutions with three tiers of keypads available to customers.


The newest Alisse line from Lutron offers vintage looks with premium smart technology behind the scenes. All metal, hand-crafted finishes give us old-world The Great Gatsby vibes but with tactical backlit buttons. These keypads integrate with HomeWorks QS, and it’s the perfect fit for interior designers looking to capitalize on mixing old and new aesthetics into one cohesive living space. Ideal for lighting scenes but only offering push buttons instead of dimmer switches or toggles, the Alisse will look sophisticated in any New York townhome or estate but doesn’t quite offer every smart home functionality available out there.


The Lutron Palladiom line offers a wider range of customized finishes than the Alisse line, with plastic, metal, and glass options. The black and white glass options are great for kitchen backsplashes. The elegant four-button aesthetic ensures all keypads are relatively the same throughout the home. Because of the consistent user experience from room to room, the lighting in your home is a convenient smart home accessory that doesn’t annoy guests trying to figure out the buttons.


Matte, metallic and satin finishes are available in the SeeTouch line, plus these wall stations work beautifully with other Lutron QS devices and systems. SeeTouch doesn’t offer nearly as much pizazz as the Alisse or Palladiom lines, but it’s still an elegant and functional smart lighting control option.

Forbes & Lomax

These beautiful lighting keypads are gorgeous yet work a bit differently than any of the Lutron series we mentioned above. Forbes & Lomax make traditional analog switches, so our team of technicians utilizes the low voltage wiring of these switches and integrate them with a Lutron HomeWorks QS system. The toggles and press button options available are tactical and feel sturdy and reliable. They offer an aesthetic similar to Lutron Alisse but are more customizable. These wall plates are frequently known as The Invisible Lightswitch and practically disappear into the wall finish behind it.


Of the keypads we cover here, Basalte’s offerings are the most “techy.” These are hyper-modern with premium finishes like leather and glass. Gesture-based controls let New York homeowners select smart scenes with capacitive multitouch functionality. Tap, swipe, press, and even wave your fingertips over these eye-catching switches with a strong European aesthetic. If you’re a fan of the MacBook Magic Trackpad, you’ll love these.

Let Cloud9 Smart help guide you through the many lighting control and automation decisions that are out there. Connect with us here using our online form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!