HomeZadaBeing in the business of home automation, any product that makes home life easier perks our interest. Case in point: HomeZada. “The Digital Hub of Information for Your Home,” HomeZada tracks all of those home owner responsibilities that can slip by and pile up; and it stores and organizes all of those documents that never seem to be where you want them when you need them.

Your Stuff: You start by entering your address and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. HomeZada then automatically populates what you probably have in your home, which you can edit for accuracy (much quicker than starting from scratch.) Beyond being a great way to organize a list for home owner’s insurance, you can upload receipts and warranties for easier access, and track warranties for your major appliances. It’s all stored securely online, and you can access it anywhere. And for the hardcore organizer, the HomeZada app lets you snap pictures of each item/room, and upload it on the fly.

homezada2Your Projects: HomeZada also helps with your home improvement projects. Start by browsing their library of common projects. Then add projects to a “wish list,” and it will show you a list of items needed to complete each project. You can refer to this as a general guideline, or get specific by adding or removing individual items, using budgetary numbers, and implementing deadlines. While browsing online during the research phase you can save pages to your project, and while out shopping you can add pictures from your phone, or update your project when you buy something. You can zoom out to look at the overall status of a project, and zoom out further to look at your progress on your whole home wish list.

Your Tasks: The service also comes with over 150 checklist recommendations for the maintenance and cleaning duties of a typical home. Great for chore management, each task can be given a frequency and be delegated to a family member. These appear in a calendar which can be shared and integrated with other calendars online.

Ok, so maybe it’s a little OCD. But having everything about your home in a central, organized and secure location? It’s also extremely useful. HomeZada Essentials is free, but if you want the property calendar and projects pieces, its $10 a month.