Hidden Audio/Video Solutions Can Blend Seamlessly into Your Home

Most homeowners want an impressive high-definition flatscreen in their home to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. They also want exceptional high-performance speakers and audio components to power the sound of their TV entertainment, podcasts, and music enjoyment. While there are plenty of beautiful pieces of equipment that can serve as a centerpiece of your entertainment room (we love us some Mcintosh), some people prefer not to have their innovative technology serve as the main showpiece in their living spaces.

That’s where hidden technology comes to play. Hideaway TVs and screens and nearly invisible speakers are some of our favorite items to install in clients’ homes in the Westchester, NY area. Keep reading below to learn more about a few of our preferred solutions!

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Invisible Speakers

Though many modern speakers have become works of art in their own right, several of our clients prefer their music, podcasts, audiobooks, and surround sound to be heard but not seen. Thankfully there are options available that blend seamlessly into your spaces. In-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers are great for new or remodeled areas, and you can paint, wallpaper, drywall, and even add specialty fabrics over the speaker grilles without affecting the sound quality.

The technology behind invisible speakers has come so far over the last few years. The performance can be equal (and at times better) than traditional in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. If the goal is minimizing clutter and focusing on the things that matter in a space, there are very few reasons not to have invisible speakers in a luxury home or office project.

The Invisible Series by Sonance and the LinearResponse Series from Stealth Acoustics have changed the game of hidden audio for New Yorkers thanks to their versatility in a variety of building styles. Impressive sound is paramount for your listening experience, and these invisible speakers can be placed where they sound best – something our expert team can assist you with from the initial audio system design to the final installation.

Hidden TVs In Plain Sight

TVs are thinner and prettier than they used to be, but bulky, black rectangles of plastic still can be an eyesore, and that’s exactly what TVs tend to be when no one is watching anything. Especially for our clients with perfectly curated interiors, showcasing art, photography, and furnishings is the design aesthetic, and TV screens detract from the look and feel of a space.

Media Décor, a Leon company, offers several concealment solutions that let you enhance your entertainment spaces. Custom framing, rollaway art that moves out of the way so you can view the screen, and motorized lifts that raise and lower your TV into beautiful, customized credenzas, the ceiling or the flooring of your Westchester-area space are just a few options. Each product is handcrafted in the USA and is custom built just for your family’s enjoyment.

The Samsung Frame TV

While many hidden TV solutions on the market take the focus of the room away from the technology when it isn’t being used, The Frame TV is unique. When watching TV shows or movies, it’s a high-resolution QLED 4K TV with intuitive controls, a mobile app, and voice control with Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. It comes in a range of sizes from 32” to 75,” so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your space.

Once you’re done using The Frame as a TV-viewing device, though, it doesn’t hang on your wall as a dark rectangle – it becomes art! Add your own artwork and photographs to display on the panel or bring a distinguished art gallery experience by purchasing a la carte artwork from the Samsung Art Store or paying a monthly subscription fee for access to the entire 1,200-piece collection from worldwide institutions.

The customizable bezel comes in various colors and finishes that complement your décor, so The Frame is truly a piece of artwork in itself. Unless someone is standing inches away from the screen and staring intently, no one would know the identity of this dual-purpose TV.

Take a look at our video review below to see how impressive it can look in your home, then read our more in-depth Samsung Frame TV blog here.

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