Learn the Nuances of this Innovative Smart Home Solution

How do you currently operate the window treatments in your home? Walking around to every window in your living spaces can prove to be time consuming depending on the size of your White Plains-area property. And what do you do about hard-to-reach windows? If you leave them open or closed all the time for the sake of convenience, we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way.

We’re often asked about the benefits of motorized shades, and in this blog, we’ll cover four things that our clients frequently ask about. Of course, homeowners can have one-tap control over every single window individually or one room at a time, but there are several more details you should know before you take the plunge into incorporating them into your own New York home.

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1.      Wired or Wireless Options

Options abound with motorized shades. The best time to start planning for wired shading options is in the new-build phase of construction. Our team can work with architects and builders to add integral low voltage wiring before the walls ever go up. If drywall is already installed or if you’re working on a remodeling project or a room upgrade, then wireless options would offer a quicker and easier installation, plus they have a multi-year battery life.

2.      Mounting Style

Outer mount or inner mount? Your aesthetic preferences and window dimensions are taken into consideration with every facet of a motorized shading installation. Installing shades outside of the window opening can make windows appear taller and draw the eye upward. It’s the perfect solution for shallower window casings, and they can offer greater protection against light gaps on the sides. For a clean, minimalistic look, inner mount shades fit inside the window casing. This is great for layered window treatments – you can have an inner mount sheer fabric shade to preserve your views while filtering sunlight during the day, then have an outer mount blackout fabric shade to protect your privacy and block out light in the evenings.

Beyond mounting and power options, Lutron has a nearly endless selection of fabrics and wallplate finishes that will complement your design tastes.

3.      UV Protection

Fabric choices go beyond simply looking great, they serve a function as well. Delicate artwork and upholstery in your home could be damaged by harmful UV light coming in the windows, just the same as your skin can. Tighter weave fabrics allow less light through and offer more protection than loosely woven sheer and translucent fabrics that allow more sunlight through while still preserving your views.

4.      Becoming the Norm

Many building developers are automatically incorporating shading and lighting wiring into new builds instead of waiting for home and business owners to request this solution after move-in. This low voltage pre-wiring has become the norm, and Cloud9 Smart can partner with new construction builders and architects to ensure the process goes smoothly and every detail is considered, even if a particular smart solution isn’t in the current plan. By thinking ahead and designing the foundation for a shading or lighting control system, clients can easily add devices as they need instead of taking on pricier and time-consuming remodeling and rewiring projects.   

These are just a few of the things you should consider when learning more about motorized shades. To continue the conversation about this or other smart home and business solutions, connect with us here or chat with us at the bottom of your screen to get started!