The Conference Room Solution That Lets You Mix and Match to Fit Your Needs

There’s no need to learn the ins and outs of a new or complicated AV system every time you step foot into a new conference room, huddle space, classroom, or other meeting space. New York, NY businesses can streamline their collaborative technology needs by using Stem Audio products. The brand offers a true mix and match ecosystem that lets business owners craft a video conference room to perfectly suit their needs.

Whether you need one video display or four, have a U-shaped room or a long conference room, Cloud9 Smart enjoys designing and installing conference room systems utilizing Stem Audio because of the incredible flexibility and reliability they offer. Keep reading below to learn a few benefits of using such a forward-thinking system!

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The Possibilities

The Stem Audio ecosystem is what makes this conferencing product line so exciting. The ecosystem is built on a half-dozen interchangeable products, allowing you to scale the same system in the smallest huddle room or the biggest boardroom. For example, if you have a small huddle room, simply add one Stem Table or Stem Wall microphone and a USB camera, and you are ready to Zoom. But if you have a large boardroom, you can have up to 12 Stem devices in a room, and can mix and match the Table, Wall, or Ceiling microphone types, depending on the room size and desired aesthetic. This allows a huge amount of scale while keeping the end user experience the same for everyone in the business.

The products are super durable and built to withstand years of extensive use in your busy office complex. Innovative features like native support for Zoom are included and as your business grows, adding to a Stem Audio system in the future is simple, too. With so many options, it’s not too hard to imagine this system knocking it out of the park in essentially every business setting – private office, a boardroom, huddle space in the office, a large conference room – your imagination is the limit.

Straightforward Installation

Once our team presents the conference room design and you sign off on it, installation can begin, and it’s straightforward. Microphones, displays, control hubs, and speakers are installed in their appropriate locations, and connecting to your enterprise network is a breeze with a single POE cable connection for each device. 

The Cloud9 Smart Difference

Would you prefer a ceiling-mounted microphone that can catch every word of a 30-employee conference, or would an on-wall soundbar mounted under the TV display with included microphones be a better fit for your meeting space? Why not both? Our team has years of experience in the conference room AV industry, so not only will we look upon our extensive history to inform the design decisions we suggest for your New York offices, but we’ll consult with your management team and key staff members.

These stakeholders help guide our suggestions for what types of technology should be included in your meeting spaces. With so many AV options out there, it’s important to know that you’ve got a commercial custom integrator on your side!

If you’re ready to further explore what Stem Audio has to offer business owners just like you in New York, simply connect with us or give us a call.