The Best Aspects of AV Step Outside for Some Fun in the Sun (or Wind, Rain, or Snow) 

It’s beautiful in the Tri-State right now, so why would you want to stay indoors to watch the game, catch up on your favorite Netflix series or view the latest episode of a podcast? If you incorporate outdoor entertainment solutions into your outside spaces, then you don’t need to stay cooped up indoors when the sun is shining and the weather is perfect. 

Read on below to learn which technology solutions you can add to your Ridgewood-area backyard to make it more enjoyable for the entire family! 

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Why Would I Want Outdoor Entertainment? 

Quietly enjoying your patio is nice, but sometimes you want to elevate the experience of your daily outdoor activities. Audio and video entertainment make it possible to watch a movie, listen to your music collection, or stream a podcast episode from any corner of your Ridgewood-area yard – it’s not only fun for yourself but also for friends and family gatherings as well. 

Outdoor TVs 

Specially made outdoor TVs allow the high-definition 4K picture you prefer indoors to travel to your backyard. Insects, wind, and rain are no match for the exterior enclosure that prevents debris from entering the internal component area. Harsh heat or cold isn’t a problem for a Séura TV that’s designed to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. The team at Cloud9 Smart will find the ideal flatscreen for your outdoor application, whether you need a full sun, partial shade or full-shade TV. 

Outdoor Audio 

Though the internal speakers of a Séura are good, it’s best to incorporate an outdoor speaker system for a truly engaging and dynamic entertainment experience. A James Loudspeaker soundbar installed beneath your Séura TV would offer great sound for the outdoor kitchen area or gazebo. Pair it with Sonance’s impressive offering of direct burial subwoofers and marine-grade satellite speakers to complement or hide throughout your landscaping, under eaves, or by the pool. You’ll be able to evenly blanket the entire property in crisp dialogue and impressive bass no matter which media source you choose to enjoy.  

While gardening in the flowerbeds or hanging out poolside, you’ll be able to hear the latest score of the big game without missing a beat. And you can control it all with the simple tap of your finger on your smartphone or with an IP-rated smart remote made to last outdoors. 

Light It Up 

Coastal Source offers stunning corrosion-proof lighting fixtures; bugs and humidity won’t affect their performance. No matter the size of your New Jersey or Connecticut property, we can help you craft the perfect ambiance in your outdoor spaces. Bullet lights can highlight your home’s landscaping or architectural features, while path and step lights offer subtle illumination for walkways and steps for increased safety. 

Press a button on your favorite smart device or schedule lighting to turn on or off in sync with the sunrise and sunset each day. Initiate the ‘Pool Party’ smart scene to cue up your favorite streaming pop station on Spotify and light up the pool or spa with fun colors. Tap another button to bring the game you were just watching inside the media room to the outdoor TV in the grill area. Spending time outdoors has never been this fun! 

From Ridgewood, NJ to New York City to Greenwich, CT, Cloud9 Smart is the premier Tri-state outdoor entertainment specialist you can trust. Connect with us here or call today to start a conversation about taking your favorite AV products outside. We look forward to hearing from you!