Cloud9 Smart Explains Why You Would – Or Wouldn’t – Want a Total Home Control System

By the time clients come to us, many of them already feel overwhelmed. They’ve done countless internet searches, talked to several friends and family members, and have nearly a hundred different brand names swirling in their heads as they begin their research on home automation.

When it comes to making your Brooklyn-area home more enjoyable with technology, there are several aspects you need to consider before finding the perfect technology to match your New York lifestyle. Keep reading below to learn more about what a Savant home automation system can do for your home, and we’ll explain why you would or wouldn’t want a fully comprehensive control system instead of several standalone systems. Scroll below for more!

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Your Lifestyle Matters

We encourage our clients to keep things simple and to really consider which technologies they use in their daily lives. Do you have floor-to-ceiling windows with ample natural sunlight but need to shut the curtains in the late afternoon to block unwanted glare on the TV screen? Then motorized shades are a great fit for your lifestyle. You’ll be able to lower sleek roller shades at the tap of a button – just pull out your smartphone or press a button on a custom wall keypad.

If you have multiple TV displays throughout the house with multiple Apple TVs and cable boxes, or if you want to play music from your personal CD collection, record player, and streaming music stations like Spotify, then you need a powerful system that can serve as the brain of the operation. A Savant home automation system takes all of these disparate AV sources under the control of one robust system powerful enough to manage it all. Change the station, adjust the volume, send what’s playing on the upstairs TV to the outdoor patio – all by pressing a button on your favorite smart device.

Our Process

Think of home automation as a supplement to your daily lifestyle. Having every single technology that’s on the market today may sound like fun, but if you never use it nor have the inclination to learn how to use it, it’s unnecessary.

During the first few design meetings, our team will ask you about your daily routines, how you use your home, who will use the systems installed, and what your expectations are with home automation technology. From there, we have an obsessive approach to finding the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Standalone Systems vs. Savant Automation?

When determining if several standalone systems or a Savant home automation system are the best fit for your home, here are a few solutions that would automatically make our team suggest a full-fledged automation system:

  • Home theaters: multiple device actions, from turning TVs on, switching between sources, and adjusting the volume to motorized lifts that reveal a hidden TV underneath, all require complex computing functions. Using the Savant app to control all of your AV needs instead of jumbling through a stack of remotes on the coffee table is the way to go.
  • Video switching: Imagine having His and Hers Apple TVs so your viewing experience is always personalized to your liking. Being able to display all of our video sources to any TV in the house requires computing power that we trust Savant to handle.
  • Smart scenes that do more than lighting and shades: though Lutron has extreme processing power for lighting and motorized shades, if you want your AV functions to work with these solutions, you need Savant to communicate between the two types of systems seamlessly.
  • HVAC: you could surely use the branded system that comes with your smart thermostat, but if you want to integrate your heating and air functions with lighting and shades, Savant can help you create a more efficient and comfortable home at the tap of a button. If the room becomes too cold, smart shades rise to let in natural, warming sunlight and interior lights dim to the perfect setting.

It may seem like the answer to whether you need a Savant home automation system is always, “YES!” but there are a few instances where homeowners don’t need so much computing power behind their smart systems:

  • You prefer the native app: just because you can control nearly everything with a Savant automation system doesn’t mean the Savant app works the same as the native app. For example, if you’re a music geek that loves the granularity of searching for the perfect genre playlist to fit your mood, then using the native Sonos app instead of the Savant integration would make you a happier audiophile.
  • You have simple needs: if you’re a big fan of lighting and shades but only require an Apple TV connected to your TV in the media room, then a Savant system would be overblown for your needs. You’ll still have personalization options with basic subsystem control, but you don’t need all of the bells and whistles that come with Savant.

Bespoke Cloud9 Smart Solutions

Our team has extensive industry experience and will offer several options to homeowners. Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier with technology, not more difficult, and we’ll create a bespoke home solution that makes that happen.

To start a conversation about Savant home automation and other smart technologies for your New York home, connect with us here to get started with scheduling a consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!