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Control your office’s lights, music, shades, temperature, video sources and more, from an in-wall touch screen, or your CEO’s iPhone. Program it all to switch from work mode to meeting mode at the press of a button. Cloud9 Smart uses both leading automation brands, Control4 and Savant, to design office automation solutions with 3 ideas in mind: 
  1. Flexibility of control: In-wall touch screens, table top controllers, iPad and iPhone app controllers, and more can be used to control your office. What’s more, you can check in on your office cameras and security from anywhere in the world.
  2. Time savings and convenience: Imagine pushing one button to draw the shades, turn on your conference room projector, fire up your desired computer files, and turn off all of the music. Presets take office automation to the next level. Both Control4 and Savant do presets elegantly, and we love the creative challenge of customizing them to the specific needs of every client.
  3. Reliability: Office automation is useless if it doesn’t work when you need it to. With over 10 years in the business of making technology work, Cloud9 solutions are built solid.

Video Conferencing

The biggest reason people prefer in-person meetings is nuance. A subtlety in a person’s behavior or tone of voice can speak louder than their words. Using the highest quality video conferencing solutions helps capture those nuances, making everyone feel like they’re right there in the room.We design conferencing solutions with aesthetics in mind. Whether a Polycom video conference station, Skype, or a hybrid solution, we know that the look feel & balance of a conference room is of paramount importance. Your conference room equipment should be easy to access and use, yet integrate quietly into the room’s design. We pride ourselves on making Manhattan conference rooms powerful, while adding to rather than detracting from the overall look.Cloud9 Smart can work with you to custom tailor a cutting edge video conferencing solution. Located in Union Square, we specialize in helping Manhattan-based companies with their conference room needs.
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Displays Size: Take a display's diagonal length and multiply it by two... That's how far away people can comfortably sit from your display. (Less if you're analyzing spreadsheets. An additional display across the room can be used to supplement.) Type:...

The best way to share the screen: ClickShare

The best way to share the screen: ClickShare

Even the mightiest of conference rooms can suffer from one catastrophic flaw: You can’t connect to them. It’s 2015. Getting your laptop to display on the big screen shouldn’t require calling the IT department. Wired solutions tend to be clunky, and can distort the...

Control4 vs Savant

Control4 vs Savant

Control4 and Savant - Two powerful options for home automation. They can both control your AV, lighting, shades, security, HVAC… and can do so from iPad / iPhone apps, or their own in-wall or handheld controllers. But there are many differences you should be aware of....

Audio Conferencing

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Screen Sharing

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ClickShare is without a doubt the easiest, most intuitive way to share screens in a meeting or presentation room. Cables are no longer needed. Just start your presentation by simply pushing a button – whether of a USB-device you connect to your laptop PC or MAC, or by using the user-friendly app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. What’s more, ClickShare also automatically displays the most optimal resolution, without messing up the layout on your laptop. The ClickShare presentation system not only made inroads in many meeting rooms around the world, it has been lauded with numerous industry awards as well. The secret of its success? Its easy set-up, single button interface, the absence of cables and excellent collaboration features.
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