IMG_8478Even the mightiest of conference rooms can suffer from one catastrophic flaw: You can’t connect to them. It’s 2015. Getting your laptop to display on the big screen shouldn’t require calling the IT department. Wired solutions tend to be clunky, and can distort the image. Screen mirroring with devices like Apple TV and Chromecast do the trick, but still lack one feature that can make meetings exponentially more collaborative: Sharing the screen.

This is what makes ClickShare such a useful tool. Meeting fatigue can set in quickly when a single person is at the helm. Others can feel less engaged or less accountable without an equal opportunity to show their own ideas. ClickShare is hands down the easiest way to fluidly share the big screen between multiple users. Users simply plug one of the ClickShare buttons into their laptop’s USB port, and select the ClickShare Drive (for regular users, a light program can be installed that will skip this step.) The single button is circled with an LED light that blinks white as it connects. Once it turns solid, you can start sharing.

ClickShareFamilySpreadjpgTapping the button once turns the light red, and throws your laptop’s display onto the big screen. If another user taps their button, you’ll instantly split the screen in half. A third? Split three ways. ClickShare allows up to four users to share the screen simultaneously, but up to 25 buttons can be active at a time. If one user holds their button down for a few seconds, they’ll take over the entire screen. The ClickShare app enables these same sharing tools on smartphones and tablets.

ClickShare considers your screen’s resolution and the resolution of the larger display, and automatically determines the best possible resolution to output to avoid screen warping. All of the processing is done in the ClickShare base unit, which hard-wire connects to your display, and can be stored out of site. The range for ClickShare buttons is 100 feet, and all components stay on a hidden wireless network.

ClickShare is available now. Interested? Get in touch with us.