Conversation: Ate Atema

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Ate Atema on a project for a unique non-profit organization in Chelsea. His work is absolutely inspiring and it was a pleasure having him stop by to discuss the project. Some of our favorite features from the project included the Savant app, Extron meeting scheduler, Sonance speakers and amplifiers.

The Savant Systems Control

Savant systems was a key player in this project, allowing the organization to quickly call up various “scenes” in preparation for conference calls, screen collaborations, etc. As you watch the recap you will notice the space has an abundance of nature implemented within the design. Meticulous control over light and climate was important to maintaining environmental health. The Savant app allows for this with granular control and ease.


We utilize the Extron meeting scheduler in our own office, finding it to be the most efficient way to transition between meetings and rooms. Considering the number of meeting spaces and the fluid/collaborative culture of the business, Extron seemed like a natural fit. With just a few taps on the panel they are able to choose a space, time, check availability, and schedule their meeting on the fly.


Sonance is one of our go-to suppliers for audio. For this project we installed amplifiers and the Sonance 4″ Pendant Speakers. Eight pendant speakers were installed in each boardroom and six in the conference room, providing high-quality sound within the entire space.

Our 2019 Lighting Summit

We had a great turn out for the 2019 Lighting Summit at the Savant Experience Center! We’d like to thank the Architects and design professionals who attended throughout the day. Many of the attendees were able to earn up to five AIA learning units, mingle with their peers in between sessions, and enjoy the amazing food provided by Krisp Events. We would also like to thank the presenters from Savant, Lutron, LumaStream, USAI Lighting, and Ketra whose courses received tons of positive feedback. We hope to see some familiar faces at next year’s Summit!

Review: The Formation Series

Last week we got our hands on the brand new Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series, and have not been this thrilled over innovation in the audio space for a long time…

The first real competitor to the Sonos platform, The Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series wins in some key areas:


The material sciences behind Bowers & Wilkins’ noise reduction, combined with a higher fidelity streaming rate and superior digital-to-analog conversion, create the cleanest and clearest sound we’ve ever heard in a wireless speaker.


With more antennas and Bowers & Wilkins’ own proprietary mesh network, the delay between speakers is down to an indistinguishable one microsecond. Stereo imaging sounds flawlessly accurate, while multiple rooms can be linked without feeling that one room is slightly behind the other (a common complaint with Sonos.)


The Formation Duo and Bass look and feel like pieces of fine furniture on display. The shape and patterns in the Bar and Wedge make them stand out boldly. These speakers are recognizably Bowers & Wilkins, but the design swings they took here give a very unique, ultra-modern aesthetic.

USAI’s Collaboratory in SoHo

We paid a visit to one of the leaders in smart lighting. USAI gave us a look at their architectural lighting showroom and collaboration. There we discussed the state of LED lighting, as well as the advantage of USAI’s inside-out design approach.

Find USAI at our Lighting Summit presenting their course, Light and Wellness: Design Ramifications of Circadian Lighting in the Built Environment.

New Hire: Bill Ash

Bill Ash joined us in March as Accounting Specialist. Bill comes to Cloud9 from Midwestern State University in Texas, where he recently graduated with a major in Accounting and Finance.  As the former captain of the MSU cycling team you can now find Bill cycling around New York City.

We’re ecstatic to have found such as great addition to the team, and with his past experience in a startup environment we fully expect him to thrive.

Ketra Lighting Explained

Ketra specializes in bringing natural light to indoor spaces. With the ability to generate a wider gamut of color via precision optics, Ketra’s technology allows light to be tailored to every room and its purpose. The result is a more comfortable atmosphere, and improved overall wellness.

The Problem with Poor Lighting

We’ve all strained our eyes through inadequate lighting, or squinted through lighting overkill. Less often discussed is the huge impact color temperature can have. Indoor light feels “right” when it matches natural light as closely as possible. The blue hue of a rising sun, a warm sunset, the low flicker of a candle flame… These natural sources trigger emotional and biological reactions from us all. A contrast between our indoor lighting and the natural light around us can cause measurable discomfort.

Ketra’s Solution

Most lights offer a single color. Others mix red, green and blue sources to offer a wide range of color estimations. Ketra, however, has designed custom chip drivers in their lamps to provide the highest quality, most accurate light source across a full range of colors. Each Ketra fixture can then be individually tuned to the area around it, for a more precise lighting design throughout the space. Each fixture can then be programmed to adjust through the day automatically, matching the sun’s temperature as it rises and falls.

Ketra’s various luminaires and lamps use custom silicon domes made to utilize precision optics. Precision optics help highlight a space’s architecture and furnishings with uniformity of color and intensity – free from distortion and unwanted reflections. While traditional optics have proved sufficient for single color points, Ketra’s full spectrum requires a more advanced approach. They start by packing their LEDs as closely as possible under a silicone dome, then align the light via a reflector optic. Finally, a secondary pillow lens smooths out the beam before it spreads into the room.

Source: Ketra

The Impact

At Cloud9, we believe that natural lighting will improve the space, but more importantly your overall wellness. Harsh lighting can impair focus. Cooler lighting can keep your body alert when you should be relaxing, while warmer light can do the opposite. It’s important to let ourselves thrive through the day and rest in the evening. Ketra’s technology produces dynamic, high-quality light that helps you feel more connected to nature. A well-lit space can mean a more comfortable work, living and headspace.

The Demo

Of all the lifestyle technology we install in the homes of our clients, the most dramatic impact on lifestyle (and the most dramatic reaction when demoed) is probably from Ketra. The flaws we’ve come to normalize in indoor lighting suddenly become glaringly obvious when seeing Ketra’s full spectrum lighting experience against normal LED or halogen lighting.

If you are in the New York City area and would like to experience Ketra, set up an appointment and we’ll schedule a demo for you at our showroom in Union Square.