Bowers & Wilkins

New York City’s premiere providers and integrators of Bowers & Wilkins speakers.

Diamond Dome Tweeter

Bowers & Wilkins’ distinctive tweeter-on-top design isolates the tweeter from the cabinet, ensuring that sound waves are travelling in the direction they should: Toward the listener, not across the cabinet surface. It also means the time-alignment with the midrange driver can be finely adjusted.

Thanks to diamond’s high stiffness-to-density ratio, the dome displays perfectly controlled, piston-like behavior further beyond the upper limits of human hearing than ever before. The first breakup occurs at an unprecedented 70kHz (in contrast, the equivalent frequency for standard aluminium domes is 30kHz). For high frequency clarity and detail, no other tweeter dome comes close.

Continuum Cone

After 8 years of intense development Bowers & Wilkins replaced their material of choice – Kevlar – with something even better. Continuum avoids the abrupt transitions in behavior that can impair the performance of a conventional speaker. The result is a cleaner, more accurate performance.

Rohacell Bass: Rohacell® is used extensively in the high performance automotive and aerospace industries, where its unusual combination of very low weight and very high resistance to bending stress make it the ideal choice for a multitude of applications. Those very same characteristics also make it an ideal material for the structural heart of the bass driver in every 800 Series Diamond 3-way speaker. For speed, stiffness and unshakable bass, it’s the bottom line.

Flowport: Flowport™ is a venting system that minimises air turbulence in the same way as a golf ball. Dimples on the surface generate tiny eddy currents, over which air can flow smoothly. The result: tighter bass and no ‘chuffing’.

Mushroom: 800 Series Diamond bass drivers use a mushroom-type diaphragm construction, maximising strength and rigidity by bonding the cone, dust cap and voice coil into a stiff unit. This helps deliver low-end ‘drive’ and ‘punch’.

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P7 Wireless: Wireless over-ear headphones that deliver professional-quality, immersive sound in a foldable, cable free design.

P5 Wireless: Wireless on-ear headphones that deliver the same exceptional bass and clarity as P5 Series 2, but in a cable-free design.

P9 Signature: Large over-ear headphones that represent 50 years of acoustic and design innovation, and deliver an incredibly open, clear sound.

P3 Series 2: Great sounding, light and foldable, P3 Series 2’s robust leather finish makes them ideal for slipping into a coat pocket.