You can find stylish, higher-quality alternatives to the standard light switch from a number of niche manufacturers. The three we’ve chosen are our favorites. They’re smart, they’re solidly reliable, and they look and feel fantastic.


Based in Belgium, Basalte uses the square form factor popular in Europe. The two or four engravable buttons require only a light tap, while using your whole hand can turn off all the lights before you leave, or trigger your favorite scene.

Forbes & Lomax

These old-school toggle switches, buttons and knobs are like a shot of nostalgia for the 1930s. The difference is that these hide modern smart lighting compatibility behind their classic facade.

Lutron Palladiom

The leaders in smart lighting offer these clean and simple “Wallstations” in a wide variety of plastics, metal and glass. Engraved, back-lit, and oddly satisfying to press.