New York City’s seventh annual Architecture and Design Month has begun. Archtober brings four weeks of activities, programs and exhibitions dedicated to the importance of design and architecture across the city. The official Archtober calendar features a tour-able building of the day, along with daily events from over 60 partner organizations. In honor of Archtober we’ve picked the architectural feat we’re most excited for. For its ambitious use of technology as well as its cultural and artistic ambitions, our pick goes to…

The Shed

Officially opening in Spring 2019, the structure for this multi-arts center can be seen at the north end of the Highline on 30th street between 10th and 11th avenues. Mounted over a six story building, The Shed is a steel structure that can deploy over an outdoor plaza and adjust to accommodate almost any artistic event. Soon to be covered with a translucent material lighter and more durable than glass, it will require the horsepower of only one Prius to move in and out of position.

This will allow the same space to serve as a 40,000 square foot column-free exhibition space or an outdoor theater with seating for 500. There will also be indoor galleries and performance spaces on every level, while the top of The Shed itself will have a portion dedicated to studio labs for artists early in their careers.

To pull off a space that is at the same time so adaptable and so energy efficient is inspiring, and we look forward to its role in New York City’s cultural development.

What is The Shed? from The Shed on Vimeo.

Calling all Architects

You need CEUs but earning them can be a drag. We’re out to change that with our second annual AIA CEU Summit. On the 25th of Archtober we will be hosting the Summit at the beautiful Savant Experience Center where architects can connect, eat, drink, and earn up to six full CEU credits across a single day.

Registration is live and classes are filling up, so be sure to register today.


Don’t forget to share the event on social media for a chance to win one of six Echo Dots! #AIASummit