A well-placed camera can capture most of the action, but cameras shoot in frame, and “frame” is another word for “limit.” What if a camera had no frame? What if it recorded 360 degrees around itself, and 360 degrees over and under. That’s ALLie Cam’s claim to fame, and it does so extremely well. We got the chance to play with one at last week’s Consumer Electronic’s show. Check out the video:

ALLie is about the size of a Dropcam but with a fish-eye lens on either side. These two lenses capture a crisp 4K feed so wide they actually meet each other. Proprietary software then flattens out that fish-eye distortion into a normal high-res video in real time. The result is an immersive experience you can record and explore, or navigate in real time. The VR App is a fun way to look around a room you aren’t actually in, but even moving an iPad up, down and around with its gyroscopic control feels revolutionary in the video surveillance industry. The 4K resolution allows pinch-to-zoom detail that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. The camera itself doesn’t even move, so multiple people can explore a 360 x 360 ALLie at the same time.

The business applications for ALLie are plenty. Checking in on construction sites, exploring real estate properties and live streaming events are just a view of the suggested uses for what could be the next big thing in video.

Try controlling one here (works best in Chrome):