Property Owners, Here’s What NYC-Area Tenants Are Looking For Now

When you first hear about home automation, we expect that most people conjure up images of sprawling, suburban homes with some acreage. Here in New York City, however, where the majority of our population lives in multi-dwelling units, or MDUs, affluent tenants are looking for luxury apartments complete with features beyond the basics. What are you doing to capture their attention?

Don’t miss this blog: We’ll show you what your target clients are looking for and how we can help you generate the most revenue from your MDU through our top four commercial automation perks.

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Fitness Centers
In today’s world, it isn’t easy to find a hotel that doesn’t offer some fitness center amenities. Similarly, high-end apartment shoppers are looking for a convenient place to work out, removed from the crowded gyms nearby. We’ll help you outfit your MDU with a modern gym area, furnished with the newest exercise equipment, plus distributed audio and video that keeps people amped up for the extra mile or set.

Digital Signage
In today’s market, the real competition you face is attention. Though you might offer the same general locale, pricing and such as other MDUs, you might fail to get a deal if no one walks through your door or sees your building’s features in one glance.

Do you host a brunch every Sunday or a movie night every Friday? Show them! Digital signage captures attention in the lobby, where prospects can see all the MDU perks on one screen. We’ll install them throughout your property so residents can find community events, referral bonuses, and other special deals.

Lobby TVs
You’ve seen the typical lobby TV – small, usually nestled between two uninspiring paintings. Show off your partnership with NYC’s favorite commercial AV integrator by dazzling viewers with our top 4K and even 8K models, installed your way. We can even create multi-screen setups or video tiling for an even flashier display with more viewing options. When we pair brilliant video with invisible speakers, we’ll show future tenants that a lobby can be both welcoming without the kitsch of the traditional entrance.  

Community Theater Rooms
The last year and a half showed us the fun of entertaining ourselves and families – most often by watching yet another movie or show, or maybe enjoying a video game. But many people, if given the option, would welcome a small, safe gathering to watch a movie with another family or two. A community theater room creates a place for socially distanced fun.

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