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CollaborativeIn our interaction with clients, trades and each other we focus on the collective goal.

MeticulousOur obsession over performance fuels a higher attention to detail in everything we do.

CommittedWe view projects as missions, and see them through with dedication to a stand-out customer experience.

LeadingWith continual vetting and adoption of new technologies, we are the bridge between the bleeding edge and everyday life.

EfficientOur constant refinement of our methods lets us demystify the most complex of projects.

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Review: The Formation Series

Review: The Formation Series

Last week we got our hands on the brand new Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series, and have not been this thrilled over innovation in the audio space for a long time... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOwqCnVzHX0 The first real competitor to the Sonos platform, The...

USAI’s Collaboratory in SoHo

USAI’s Collaboratory in SoHo

We paid a visit to one of the leaders in smart lighting. USAI gave us a look at their architectural lighting showroom and collaboration. There we discussed the state of LED lighting, as well as the advantage of USAI's inside-out design approach. Find USAI at our...

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