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For a flat monthly fee we make sure your IT network works. Instead of just fixing problems, we prevent them. We use proactive monitoring to identify potential issues before they become real problems.

Cabling with Cloud9 Smart starts with a free consultation where together we develop a floor plan. More and more office technology is a mesh. Does your phone system mesh with your IT?

Imagine pressing a single button to draw the shades, turn on the projector, fire up the computer and turn off all the music. With “scenes” imagined by you and designed by our AV technicians, prepping the conference room is as simple as pushing a button.

From tried and true Traditional phone systems to cutting edge Voice over IP solutions, Cloud9 Smart offers flexible, customized, and scalable systems. Get in touch with us to start designing your phone system today.

Capture every nuance with HD video and audio conferencing. Schedule a demo at our showroom.

Ordering an internet circuit is stressful. Vague install schedules, elusive customer service contacts… and who connects your circuit to your IT network? With Everglades Technologies, a project manager handles everything for you.

  • “How likely would you be to recommend Cloud9 to someone else?” 94%

Cloud9 was great to work with.  They were thorough, neat and cleaned up the area after they completed their work.  They install was completed exactly as they described during out planning meeting.  There were no surprises and everything went off without a hitch.  We are very pleased with the results.  Try Cloud9, you won’t be disappointed.


Score: 10

I was very satisfied by your work for me. I would (and already have) told others about you. I thought that Jose, in particular, was very nice to work with… No surprises, which is a very good thing. I liked the way you worked with my contractors. When I had a problem you fixed it right away…I thought that working with you was a pleasant and worry free experience- you can quote me on that! P.S. -you may also say that middle aged women with no technology experience whatsoever would be very happy to employ you!

Pamela Rosenberg

Score: 10

Your work is to be commended, your cabling team to be praised. You rescued a doomed VoIP project by navigating a physically challenging, multi-floor, multi-tenant IT environment. We remain impressed!

City Parks Foundation

Score: 10

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