Arguably the biggest highlight of the CEDIA 2011 Expo is an iPad wall mount from Launchport.  Equipped with cutting edge wireless (inductive) charging, its a new approach to integrating an iPad into your Smarthome.  Launchport had a packed crowd at their booth during the show, as they seemed to have pulled off a concept that’s both beautifully simple and full of potential uses.

Until now, putting an iPad up on a wall in place of a Smarthome touchscreen was a big commitment.  The iPad wall systems currently out there require a permanent installation in order to keep it flush to the wall while feeding power for a full time charge.  This means that the iPad is installed in the wall permanently – or with a not-so-pretty removable face plate system, that is anything but plug and play for access.  Especially with your kids.

Launchport changed all of this by wrapping the iPad inside their sleekly-designed enclosure, called the PowerShuttle.  The back of the sleeve contains a magnetic inductive charging technology that talks back to a wall or base station for true wireless charging of the iPad.  In addition, the magnet is strong enough to hold your iPad securely to any magnetic surface, and work off of the battery.  As a nice touch, the built-in iPad speaker is well cared for through a special wave-guide designed into the sleeve to ensure audio stays crisp.

The Launchport is expected for release in November and there are already rumors of thousands of pre-orders placed after the official unveiling at CEDIA.  Judging from the continuous full crowds and reactions, I’m not surprised at the demand.

The Power Shuttle enclosure for the iPad2 (not available for iPad1) will run $149 for a glossy black or white finish.  The WallStation will go for $199, and the BaseStation will list for the same.  We will be offering both for sale with our Cloud9 automation solutions as soon as we can get some in stock.


*Update: Cloud9 is proud to now offer the Launchport iPad mount! 12/09/2011