Enhanced yet simpler homes.


Designing your home should be a joy. Our depth of knowledge and myriad solutions fuel your ideas. Together we arrive at a solution that excites without settling.


We make your dream a reality through a comprehensive set of design documents. Our designs exhibit what you want, hide what you don’t, and anticipate your habits to perform intuitively.


Your technology should perform with unwavering reliability. Our team builds, programs and tests your system at our home, eliminating surprises when it gets to yours.


After coordinating with all relevant parties, we deliver and install with minimal disruption. You’re trained on your new system, and we remain close by in Union Square.

  • “How likely would you be to recommend Cloud9 to someone else?” 94%

We went with Cloud9 Smart because they didn’t make us feel like Luddites… They were very enthusiastic about the whole thing, which made the process fun and collaborative. Fernando clearly cares about all of the technology, and how it works.

Owner - Converted Firehouse

I have dealt over the years with many promising contractors and subs only to be disappointed with their work, communication, timeline, etc. With Fernando and his team, my journey has been nearly flawless… I have used them on 4 projects so far. If I were to buy another home, I would not look to anyone else.

Joe Wirht

We are very happy, in fact we have already recommended you! No surprises. Everything was great and communication was smooth. Bruce in particular was excellent to work with.

Jay Sammons

Drones: Finally amazing

Getting into drones always seemed like a whole thing. I didn't want to deal with the learning curve, my battery dying over the Hudson river, or getting arrested for flying too close to the wrong building. Last week our CEO brought his drone to work and I did a...

The real cost of a Tesla roof

When Tesla unveiled their Solar Roof tiles last fall we all had the same question: How much? Consumer Reports calculated a max cost of $24.50 per square foot to compete in the market. Tesla just revealed the price, and running the same math came in at an impressive...

Why Echo Show will be a huge success

Amazon just tripled down on voice control for the home. Almost immediately after releasing the wardrobe-centric Echo Look ("Alexa, what should I wear with these jeans?"), they dropped a far more enticing voice-control-camera-concoction. Echo Show Echo Show houses...

Don’t get hacked

When someone says “home security” what do you think of? Alarm systems? Surveillance cameras? On-alert dogs? These days physical protection may no longer be the biggest concern when looking to safeguard you and your family’s well being. As technology increasingly...

Our 30 Day Challenges

It's a simple concept that for some can lead to big changes: Commit to trying something new for 30 days. The idea is that 30 days is just long enough to make or break a habit. I asked our team if they wanted to try it out with me, and about half said yes. Here's what...

10 tasks your voice can finally take care of

Voice recognition was pretty unreliable when it first came to the smartphone market. Now every smartphone has it, and if your initial disappointment turned you off, now is the time to revisit it. We are on a whole new level of voice recognition, and you don't need...